AbouT ME

laura portrait.jpeg

I am an abstract painter because I need to be THE BOSS of my own stuff. No rules. No expectations. My method for creating is full of experimentation and freedom. I love color, texture, handmade papers (especially from Japan!), and all kinds of mixable mediums. I use acrylics because I like instant gratification.  I also don't like people bumping into wet paintings around my house. (Goodbye, oils!) 

I have been painting since 2006.  My passion for art was reignited during the years my family and I lived in London. It was there that I began taking art classes at small independent schools and tried a variety of mediums, ultimately landing on acrylics and mixed media. I am still trying new things and experimenting like a mad scientist. I find the challenge of new techniques exciting and fun.  It doesn't always work, but I always learn something in the process. I have been known to completely paint over something that wasn't quite right and typically stop when I feel at peace.

Painting is absolutely my favorite thing to do. Over time, I have found that it is also a way that I can care for and give to others. My husband and I have discovered the freedom that generosity brings, and have found that it has changed the way we view our meaning and purpose in life.  Painting is an expression of who I am and what I was put on earth to do. It is directly tied to my identity as a daughter of the ultimate Creator, and a way to reflect my gratitude to Him. It is therapeutic for me, and hopefully comforting and inspiring to others. 

My artwork on this website is grouped under words from an emotional inventory list.  It works for me because most of my work is an outpouring of my emotions and experiences as I take the good with the bad in this life. Painting helps me to heal and let go. It gives me the time and space to invite God in to create with me. This stuff is personal, but doesn't do any good kept to myself.  As I grow in community and develop meaningful relationships, the more I realize we all have a lot in common. 

When I'm not in my studio painting, I get to do some other pretty cool stuff. Throughout the year I participate in leading women’s retreats at We Want More, a thriving ministry in Bridgeport, CT. I find great joy in watching people get set free from their burdens and be encouraged by the enormous love that God has for them. I am one of these people, and cannot imagine where I would be without this freely given love and grace. 

It also excites me to be able to spread the message of generosity with my crazy husband Mark. We are proud to be a part of the launch of Generosity:NY, a movement of like-minded people who want to see the world around us impacted by unity and radical generosity lived out in community.  I serve on a couple of ministry boards and try not to cause too much trouble.  I have opinions, but more importantly a lot of love and respect for the people who choose to serve God by being in full time ministry. I believe we each bring something to the table, and I am grateful for these opportunities that challenge me and help me to keep growing.

I hope you enjoy browsing! I have an assortment of artwork up so you can see that this is a process of evolution. Many of the pieces were commissioned and given to dear friends; some are currently, or have been, on display somewhere. If a painting is available it will say so underneath the canvas dimensions. I would love to hear your impressions, thoughts or requests through the contact page!