Art that Speaks

For years now, I have been keeping these stories close to my heart.  But it's time to share them and let the outcome be whatever it is meant to be.  I truly believe that I am a "co-creator" with MY Creator, my Father God.  This is a partnership.  When I am lacking, I ask Him for the skills.  There is a story in the Old Testament (Exodus 36) about the artisans that created and beautified everything needed for the Tabernacle that Moses was commanded to build. God equipped them with all the skills, wisdom and understanding they would need to do the work exactly as He wanted. He always delivers. He guides me and keeps me company as I explore each new piece.  He rescues me with inspired thoughts and ideas when things aren't going well.  I feel the presence of His Spirit when I create, because it is a reflection of who He is.  Many of the paintings on this website have stories that are waiting to be told. I am stepping into this remembering my word for the year, BRAVE.  So, here it goes.  Watch this space!!! xoxo